4 Major Benefits of Owning a Dash Cam

Jul 15 , 2020

4 Major Benefits of Owning a Dash Cam

Dashboard camera, known as dash cam, is gaining its popularity because of a myriad of benefits. An important function of these affordable and feature-rich cameras is the fact that they are always coupled with the latest technologies, such as recorders and GPS devices.

Here is a deeper insight into some of the most significant reasons why you should consider having a dash cam in your vehicle:


  1. Video Evidence in case of an Accident
    It is probably the most obvious reason why people install a dash cam on board. In case of an accident, you have the advantage of showing the authorities with a recording of the incident. A dash cam can always capture what is behind the unexpected phenomena and show proofing.


  2. Dash Cams Have a Plethora of Useful Features and Functions
    As dash cam evolves over the years, these high-quality cameras come with a lot of useful and state-of-the-art features that make them even more essential for drivers. Most devices are embedded with GPS that helps your track your speed and location. Some of those cameras are also incorporated with a high-tech LCD touch screen which allows user-friendly, straightforward control over your recording experience.


  3. You Can Prevent Fraud
    Nowadays, insurance fraud is one of the most common problems when it comes to vehicles and traffic. Some drivers purposely cause car accidents and put the blame on the other party in order to extort money from the victim. Therefore, you would always want to avoid encountering such situations. Instead of paying those scammers, investing in a dash cam to keep you on the safe is always a sensible decision.


  4. Keep road Trip Memories
    If you are passionate about road trips, a dash cam will be your perfect companion! With the recording features, a dash cam can turn those trips into an unforgettable journey that you will cherish over the years. All you need is - pack your stuff, install your camera and you are good to go!



-Our Top Picks for Dash Cams-


INFINIVIEW LITE High-Performance Dash Cam



  • Dash Cam + Touch Screen Mirror + Back Up Cam
  • Ultra Wide Viewing Angle with Rear Camera
  • Sony Exmor & Sony Starvis Sensor
  • Adjustable Rear Lens When Vehicle is in Reverse


ORBIT 530 High Performance Dash Cam -myGEKOgear



  • 1296p at 30fps Full High Definition
  • 150° Wide Angle Lens 
  • Night Vision with Sony Starvis Sensor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi to Transfer Footage


ORBIT 950 High-Performance Dash Cam -myGEKOgear



  • Wi-Fi APP Control
  • Parking Mode 
  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • Front Collision Warning System 




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