Businesses Reopening During COVID-19 Crisis

Jun 03 , 2020

Businesses Reopening During COVID-19 Crisis

Businesses are starting to open up, employers will need to make certain to come up with plans to keep workers and customers safe during the covid-19 crisis.

Consumer confidence and assurance is one of the most important parts of your business reopening plan. Leading your business through the covid-19 crisis, you'll need to take precautions to adapt your workplace into a safe environment for both staff and customers.

 Although uncertainty looms across American businesses, the best thing we can do as an economy is be well-prepared to reopen. Here are some ideas to keep businesses safe and consumers confident.

  1. Make a Set of "No Personal Contact" Rules
    Limit handshaking, closed meeting spaces, hugging, or any other physical contact.

  2. Encourage "no item sharing" when possible
    Limit exposure to shared objects, like pens, staplers, notebooks, dry erase markers, desk space, file folders, computers, and anything else that can be assigned to individual workers and not shared.

  3. Reorganize Your Floor Plan
    Reconfigure work spaces to maximize 6-foot distances between workers, customers, and visitors.

  4. Get Rid of Common "Gathering" Areas
    Reconfigure office hangout spots to minimize socializing and maximize safe work stations.

  5. Adjust Breakroom Rules
    Workers will need breaks, legally and mentally. Does your break room have enough room to accommodate staff?

  6. Create Prominent Hand Sanitizing Stations, Complete with Cleaning Supplies
    Invest in safety equipment for both their workers and patrons. Make a point to buy hand sanitizers and make them freely available across your business or office space.

  7. Post Communal Equipment Cleaning Rules
    If you office has gym equipment, common-use equipment like copy machines, heavy machinery, or industry-specific tools, post clear directions about how to clean equipment between uses to keep multiple users safe.

  8. Create Appropriate Face Mask Rules
    While heeding federal and local regulations, create face mask rules that are the most appropriate for your line of business.

  9. Limit the Number of People in a Closed Room
    Post the number of people each room can accommodate and update room booking software accordingly.

  10. Break the 9-5
    Adjust working hours to accommodate business needs and safety requirements.

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