Digital Solutions to Implement Social Distancing Effectively

Jul 30 , 2020

Digital Solutions to Implement Social Distancing Effectively

With social distancing measures in place, digital experience has become crucial more than ever. Many companies closed storefronts temporarily or restricted the store capacity to conduct crowd control. That makes it even more important for businesses to leverage mobile capabilities and optimize the digital experience to meet customer expectations. To help you navigate the new normal accordingly, we’ve compiled a roundup of contactless “customer engagement” ideas.

Displaying a tablet device will be a smart way to rearrange your indoor setting to follow social distancing. A tablet can assist your customers to browse menus or product catalogs, make purchases, and even showcase the latest promotions.


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A digital kiosk would be a great addition for businesses to remain open and to protect the health of visitors and customers. The device serves as a perfect tool to reduce face-to-face interaction while maintaining premium customer engagement. It is applicable to diverse environments, including hotels, exhibits, lobbies, in-store, retail, hospitals, and more. Multi-function like making check-in appointments, placing orders, dialing video calls, and doing advertisements can all be fulfilled with just one concierge kiosk.

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