Have You Found A Dish Rack You Like?

Jul 23 , 2020

Have You Found A Dish Rack You Like?

You may have a dishwasher, but there’s still sometimes you just want to put away a few dishes immediately, or you have somethings that need to be washed by hand. In these occasions, a dish rack will fit all your needs. At Qlevo, we meticulously choose the home supplies for you that are perfect mix of good quality and good price, so that you don’t have to comprise your expectation for your desired lifestyle.

Combines simplicity and functionality, the Evelyne™ Dish Rack Collection comes with diverse product lines to meet your household needs. The racks are made of aluminum and are durable for everyday use. The multi-section deck design aims to secure the placing of plates, bowls and cups for promptly drying. The detachable tray drains unlash convenience for easy cleaning and practicing hygiene. Get one of these countertop staple to eliminate chores! Browse the comparison chart below to know what you can expect from each model.


Model Size Dimension Weight Double Deck Compartmentalized Utensil Holder Collins Glass Holder Drain Type
Compact 15-1/2" x 11-1/8" x 3-3/8" 1.7 lbs / 2-section / Drain Board Outlet
Large 18" x 13" x 10" 3.2 lbs Yes 2-section / Standard Length Drain Spout
Large 17-1/2" x 14" x 4-1/4" 3.8 lbs / 3-section Yes Adjustable Length Drain Spout
Extra Large 17-7/8" x 13-3/4" x 10" 4.4 lbs Yes 3-section Yes Adjustable Length Drain Spout
Double Deck Design Multi-compartment Utensil Holder
Extra drying space for mugs, coffee cups and saucers Neatly organize different type of utensils
Detachable Collins Glass Clips Adjustable Drain Spout
Hold collins style glass to save rack drying space Extend the length need to channel water to the sink

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