How To Choose The Right Bar Stool

Aug 28 , 2020

How To Choose The Right Bar Stool

Buying a bar stool can be an easy task, but also a tough decision sometimes, especially you are having too many options to choose from. If you are wavering between variants, continue reading for some inspiration you may need.

The Right Height
If you are choosing a stool to pair with a bar table or counter, you would want to make sure the users feel comfortable when they are sitting. As much as comfort is concerned, the proportion of the stool and the matching surface also matters to deliver aesthetic and harmonious touches to the surrounding environment. That’s why selecting a stool with the right height is undoubtedly important.

You can simply start by measuring the height of your bar table or counter. We would recommend a spacing of 9-12” between the table surface and the stool. By subtracting the spacing from the table surface, you get the height that you should get for the ideal stool. To make things easier, we are summarizing some standard sizing that you can refer to quickly! 24-26” high stools are recommended to fit with a standard height of kitchen counters and islands, which is around 36” off the ground. If you are matching with a classic bar stool, typically 42” high, go for a stool with a height of 30”. For an extra tall bar table which is around 42” high, we suggest using stools measured 34-36” high.

The Right Style
Bar Stools usually come in different styles. You can choose what fits your needs or your interior design aesthetics the most.

Backless is probably the most common type. The biggest advantage of this style is space-saving – when the stool is not in use, you can easily hide it below the counter or table without occupying any extra space. However, this may not be the most comfortable for you because there is no back supporting. Upholstered stools will be ideal for a counter used for long-time sitting such as dining. This style usually offers extra comfort with back support and sometimes with arms also. If convenience is your priority, the swivel will be your best choice! It allows the users to scoot back and forth from the counter easily. Adjustable stool also gives you extra flexibility when various applications are concerned.

 Backless Upholstered Swivel


-Sleek, minimalist design



-Comfortable with black support

-Various styles to match interior design


-Allow users to scoot back and forth

-Enhanced convenience


-Not comfortable for long-time sitting


-Require more space


-Usually heavier than other types


The Right Material
When browsing stool material, a few things may come to your mind – durability, comfort, pricing, particular style to match your interior design, etc. Here we summarized some of the most common stool material types so that you can weigh the pros and cons accordingly.

Wood can add some nature vibes to the space immediately. Try to choose denser woods like teak, eucalyptus, and acacia. They are more durable, and usually feature weather and insect repellence. If you are looking for a refreshing, chic look, metal will be a perfect choice.

A metal stool would fit perfectly with industrial or modern decoration. Leather can add a classic touch and elegance to the environment.


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