How to Upgrade Your Home Office

Jul 20 , 2020

How to Upgrade Your Home Office

Better your morning routine

For many working professionals, coffee is an indispensable part of our morning routine. But now it's tough to grab a coffee from regular coffee shops. Who worry, you can actually get your fix just at home! It does not mean that you would need to invest in a fancy coffee machine. Rather, there are multiple budget coffee makers on the market. If you are looking for the next level of coffee experience and trying to brew your own rival-your-favorite-coffee-shop coffee. A great grinder will bring your transformative changes. Fans of a more vintage aesthetic, this one's for you! You can do the grind adjustment to match your desired flavor and strength.

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Add some color green

Plants are a staple in any workplace, as they can boost your mood. Studies have found that plant scan improve airflow and extract pollutants, which can in turn provide a very large lift to work spirit and energy. If you are seeking a relaxing and calming workspace, try introducing some color green! It can reduce stress and boost concentration and productivity. For beginners, go for cacti or low-maintenance plants. If you enjoy cooking, you may want to put a few small pots of rosemary, cilantro, and mint by the window. To go even further,consider decorating your plants with vases. It can immediately give your home a chic touch!

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Create some cool breezes

We know it’s getting hot since summertime arrives. Try putting a portable fan to help circulate the airflow of your workplace! It can offer a similar cooling effect without inducing huge electricity costs compared with blasting the air-conditioning 24/7. It’s a more cost-effective way to chill out your environment and make you more energetic and focused at work.

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Use technology to stay connected

Working from home may sometimes make you feel cut off from the larger working environment happening in the actual office. Video conferencing and instant-messaging tools make it easier to check in with coworkers, and boost team collaboration. Now you may spend time on your mobile devices more often than before for any incoming notifications, take calls, get reminders,and anything else you need to check on your screen. Some phone accessories like a USB phone charging cord come in handy and fulfill convenience. It juices up your phone and allows you to stay connected and meanwhile get rid of the hassles of finding a power outlet near your workspace!

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Make your kitchen an enjoyable place

As you work from home, you have more time to prepare your own food. That brings up the importance of keeping your kitchen space clean and organized. During your lunch/meal break, you would want to make every second count. It’s the high time for a good rest to avoid burnouts or enjoying the meal itself, rather than wasting time on washing dishes and decluttering. Take some time on a weekend or after-work time to do the organizing so that you are less stressed during the workday’s lunch break. We recommend a few kitchen essentials to make your kitchen a place where you can enjoy cooking and meanwhile work toward your health as a remote worker.

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Substitute unhealthy snack for fresh food

You may try to load your cabinet with snacks to fuel up your WFH days. And unhealthy food, like potato chips, corn puffs, and high-sugar processed food can easily come to our mind. But there are always some much healthier options to cheer yourself up without comprising your health. Our favorite and go-to snacks are vegetables like baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and celery sticks. Some other veggie inspired snacks like guacamole is also a smart choice to bring you the tastiness you need. If you have a sweet tooth, we suggest considering apples, oranges, bananas, mandarins, berries, or pears for their abundance of nutrition.

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