Tips to Maintain Physical and Mental Wellness amidst Epidemic

Jul 14 , 2020

Tips to Maintain Physical and Mental Wellness amidst Epidemic

California Gov. on Monday issued a statewide order on Monday to again halt all operations of indoor restaurants, wineries, bars, movie theaters, family entertainment, zoos, and museums. Moreover, a stricter measure is implemented to cease the operations of gyms, churches, hair salons, malls, and other businesses. This measure targets 80% of Californians in 30 of the most populous counties, including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and Bay Areas.

We are also encouraged to continue staying home as coronavirus cases surge. Most of us have been required or recommended to work and study from home for months since the outbreak. Stress and anxiety can easily increase when our normal routine, and social life got changed tremendously and as uncertainties accumulate. Here are some useful tips provided to help you through this period and maintain your physical and mental wellness at home.

Exercise at Home

Physical activity unfolds multiple health benefits, like controlling weight, stimulating metabolism, boosting the immune system, reducing stress and anxiety, and more. However, that may seem unachievable when gyms got shuttered or going to the gym becomes a concern during the epidemic. But don’t get frustrated - there are still some simple ways to help you maintain an exercise regime. The simplest way to work out at home is to use your body, complemented by simple tools like dumbbells and barbells that can add intensity to your workout.

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Cleaning at Home

Keeping your home clean is always one of the most useful measures to create a virus-free environment and protect you and your family from respiratory illnesses. In the high time of the epidemic, this routine becomes indispensable. As the CDC recommends, the cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces with disinfection is the best way to prevent COVID-19 in household settings. This practice can limit the survival of the virus in the environment.

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Decorating at Home

Caring for your space is a form of self-care. Studies have found that our living environment can have a determining factor in our emotional wellness. However, it does not necessarily mean that you would need an entire remodel or the creation of Instagram-able settings. Simple ways like decluttering help to create a mess-free atmosphere and deliver peace of mind. Or simply change some of your home décor and accessories to boost your mood. Try it in your living room or bathroom to reveal a fresh look there!

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