Qlevo Slattile Décor Wall Panel - 2x5 Black

Size: 2 x 4
Base Color: Black

Sleek and sturdy, our Qlevo Slattile 
Slat Wall system is a great alternative to standard slatwalls. Made from strong ABS plastic, our wall system will provide the perfect setting for every occasion. Stock colors come in white, gray, and black. Quickly screw the baseboards to the surface, snap in the front panels until you hear the clicks, and you are ready to display your products. You can easily remove the front panels with the included removal tool within a few minutes. Switch them with new printed graphic panels, and you will always have a new display area. 

Set includes: 8 black Slattile base, 16 large black face panels, 1 face panel removal tool, 8 phillip screw sets

Shipping Weight: 24 lb.
Package Dimension: 24" x 4" x 48"