Qlevo Slattile Wall Décor Panel - 3x2 Gray

All Wall Décor Panels are pre-mounted with Slattile Bases onto a premium 1/2" plywood. All the raw plywood edges are finished with color matching edge banding. According to your selected Slattile size, your ordered size may come with single-piece, 2-piece or 3-piece tiles (refer to the Tiling Configuration diagram).

Package Contains:

1-piece Slattile Wall Décor Panel (no tiling)

Finished Product Size:

35.12"W x 23.31"H (892mm x 592mm)

Shipping Weight:

18 lb.

Package Dimension:

24" x 4" x 36"

**The item price includes all the required components listed, Slattile Base mounting, and edge banding finishing.