Qlevo Slattile Wall Décor Panel Trial Kit - 1x1 White

This Qlevo™ Slattile Wall Décor Panel Trial Kit is specifically designed for the customers who have yet to use our Slattile system before. The kit provides a unique opportunity to understand the craftsmanship, the functionality, and the system performance of the wall-mounted shelving system. It also helps you to better envision the desired dimension/configuration, and to facilitate the upcoming selection.

It is an ideal demonstration of how to achieve unlimited possibility in limited space!

A Trail Kit Includes:

1X) Baseboard (11.82W” X 11.82L”)

2X) Large Face Plates

1X) Face Plate Removal Tool

1X) 3/8" Thick Clear Acrylic Shelf Panel (11.50" L x 11" W)

2X) Shelf Support Bracket

**Try it to see if you love it. If you don’t, you can return it with no restocking free. We’ll accept any returns in its unused, original packaging.